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About Our Architectural Services Client

The client is an architectural engineering services provider based out of India. Being an architectural solutions provider, the client provides a wide range of services such as retail space planning, furniture modeling, virtual staging, interior/exterior designing, and architectural design consultation for commercial spaces. With a good customer base in the US, UK, and Canada, the client wanted to enter the Australian market as well as wanted to scale up their reach in the US.

Requirements for Planning and Implementation of Digital Marketing Strategy

Aiming to cater to a wider global audience group, the client was searching for a content marketing agency to develop a long-term online marketing strategy. The architectural consulting client approached Content Inception with the requirement of creating a new website, content development, and social media marketing. The client’s requirement can be summarized as follows:

Requirements for Planning and Implementation of Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Soothing as well as elegant website design suiting the taste of senior management professionals, architects, and business owners.

  • Content writing for service pages, blogs, and knowledgebase articles from the B2B perspective. Also, designing infographics for better audience engagement.

  • Social media promotion that includes the creation of customized banners, posts, and short YouTube video clips, etc.

  • SEO activities, such as target audience research, keyword research, demography analysis, and on-page/off-page optimization.

Challenges for Our Marketing Team

Every digital marketing project is unique in its own way and therefore brings some unique challenges as well. This project required our team to get into the shoes of architects to see how they take requirements, visualize and deliver things. As the objective was for b2b engagement, understanding the behavior of architectural industry professionals was essential to developing an effective marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Implementation Process by Content Inception

After the initial discussion with the client and freezing of the requirements, Content Inception’s leadership team developed the complete roadmap of the project. The team took approval from the client on the timelines and initiated the project:
  • Subject Matter Experts Turned SEO Specialists: Having catered to numerous industry verticals, our SEO team has subject matter expertise on various service domains for precise search engine optimization.

  • Content Strategy as Part of SEO Service: As content is an integral part of the SEO process, all our optimization services are supported by relevant and highly researched content writing.

  • Custom Created Brand Creatives for Organic Attention: Content and design go hand-in-hand in the search engine optimization exercise. Understanding this aspect, we create customized infographics and other marketing collaterals required for organic attention.

  • Behavioral Analysis for Advanced SEO Optimization: To keep you one step ahead of your competitors, our online marketing team does the periodic behavioral analysis of the audience for re-aligning the conversion optimization campaigns.
  • Strategic SEO Not Based on Intuition: Our services are data-oriented based on the continuous monitoring of the information fetched from Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Webmasters, and other tools.

  • Information Privacy Guaranteed: With utmost care for customer data, we adhere to the agreed data safety and information privacy guidelines in every project always.

Happy Client with a Rising Trend in Website Traffic

Content Inception met all the timelines and showed a rising trend for website visitors to the client’s new website. With specialized content marketing for architects, we also suggested significant changes to the client’s old microsites which even resulted in around 29% drop in bounce rates. The client is happily associated with us from the past several years and has signed a running contract for their content marketing needs (writing of weekly blogs, social media posts, and SEO).