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Our Client - Leading ISO Certification Company

The client is a well-known ISO certification consultant body that assists businesses in obtaining ISO certifications (ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, and PCI DSS, etc.). With a global clientele, our client has a strong presence in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait. For close to a decade, they have assisted hundreds of IT/non-IT companies, food processors, and manufacturing giants in complying to essential ISO regulations. Our client provides a wide range of services, such as process audit, change implementation, preparation, and training to finally go through the ISO certification audit.

As the industry is becoming more and more competitive than ever, our client wanted to revamp their website with high-end content writing backed by extensive content and keyword research. The client has got the understanding that now even the start-up companies looking for various ISO certifications to stay ahead of competitors, targeted content marketing would give them the right leads they are looking for.

Requirements for Content Marketing Strategy and SEO-Optimized Content Writing

The client came to know about Content Inception’s end-to-end content marketing capability through a member of the leadership team who had worked with them in the past. The client approached us with the following set of requirements:
Requirements for Planning and Implementation of Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Audit of their website for content quality

  • Detailed keyword research based on the target demography

  • Analysis of competitor websites

  • Stage-wise content strategy

    • Subject and publishing frequency of Blogs, Articles, and e-Books

    • Creation of visually appealing content in the form of banners and infographics

    • SEO optimization of the pages

  • Social media monitoring and promotion strategy (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook posts)

  • Email marketing strategy (Creation of Email copies, Brochures, and Newsletters)

  • Video marketing (Creation of promotional and informative video clips)

Challenges Faced by Content Inception's Content Team

ISO process and certification methodology being a niche area, the primary challenge was to form a team of content writers with a clear and in-depth understanding of the subject. One of our senior managers is a six sigma black belt certified professional who has ample years of experience into ISO and CMMI process audit and implementation. So, it was a tight training session that led our team of writers to gain sufficient knowledge to start working on the subject.

Content Strategy and Planning by Content Inception

Content Strategy and Planning by Content Inception
With a clear understanding of the requirements, our digital marketing team observed that the client’s website had got backlinks from poor domains, which has led to a drop in search engine ranking. Following are the steps that our online marketers followed from manual bad bank link removal to new content publishing and SEO optimization:
  • Our team prepared a list of bad links to be removed and emailed the webmaster to remove those. We also requested Google to disavow the links which at times takes weeks.

  • After collecting the demography data, we did comprehensive keyword research.

  • Based on the approved set of keywords, we planned the content calendar:

  • Parallel to the content development part, we also planned the email outreach and social media marketing:

    • Creation of newsletter and, follow-up emails in-line with the publishing calendar

    • The social media posts were also created strategically to promote the client’s posts and offerings to a decided target audience group

  • We monitored the client’s website traffic, ranking, and audience engagement and also helped the client fine-tune the pages

The Client Benefitted with Organic Link-building from Authority Sites

Client Benefitted with Organic Link-building

The client appreciated Content Inception’s efforts in generating satisfactory organic traffic flow and backlinks. When we have gained a long-term partner, having associated with us, the client indeed saved a significant amount that they were spending on paid promotions.
With an in-house content marketing capability, Content Inception has been assisting businesses with different size and industry. To learn about our digital marketing strengths and engagement model, contact us today through the contact us form on our website or write to us.