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Social Media Marketing Services

Social media presence has become elementary and vital for any business today to reach out to a large audience pool, build their brand presence, and boost search engine rankings. Content Inception (CI) social media marketing service is backed by a data-driven content marketing strategy helping businesses connect to their end-users and develop awareness around products, services, and solutions. The social media marketing services by CI emphasize both long-term and short-term objectives of lead generation and branding.

CI’s social media experts understand the different aspects of B2B and B2C social media marketing. We create social posts and plan marketing campaigns based on our comprehensive industry and market research to get customer insights and the latest social networking trends. All our social posts are custom-created content, visuals, and videos aligned to a specific brand, industry, audience, and marketing strategy. If you want to turn your customers into your brand advocates, Reach CI’s social media marketing experts.

Social Media Services from Content Inception

Our social media experts follow an integrated approach guided by analytics and technology to meet the business objective and goal. We handle your presence on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, YouTube, etc., to ensure maximum visibility. The range of social media marketing services that our experts bring for you are:

Visual Social Media Posts

CI develops creative and engaging visuals that convey the message and get easily consumed by the viewers. We create visuals for our clients. The visuals that we develop are infographics, graphs, charts, images, etc.

Visual Social Media Posts

Text Social Media Posts

CI experts strategically develop text-based social posts with compelling messages and call-to-action statements. It helps present the brand's thought process and provokes the right thought towards the informed buying decision.

Social Media Text Posts

Video Social Media Posts

As an extension of our video marketing service, we create explainer videos, sales videos, product videos, brand ad videos, or event videos, etc., to be shared on social platforms with appropriate music, voiceovers, and screenplays.

Video Social Media Posts

Target Audience Segmentation

Being a believer in no one size fits all theory, we segment the audience based on their behavior, demographics, geography, and psychography. Our rigorous market study and industry research helps plan our social media activities accordingly.

Target Audience Segmentation

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Benefits of Our Social Media Marketing Strategies

CI social media marketing services use the right marketing tactics to pass the brand message to the targeted audience. By increasing the brand visibility, we try to increase the organic website traffic and gain a better ranking. The key benefits of CI social media marketing services are as follows:

  • Post Creation for Events and Calendar Festivals: CI creates social posts for various events and global calendar festivals for its clients. It helps gain more eyeballs and brand recognition.
  • Brand Awareness Social Posts: We develop social media content making the audience aware of the brands’ unique products, services, and other contributions. It helps establish the brand in a leadership position.
  • Small Video Ads: CI video experts can make small video ads of 15 to 30 seconds duration, showcasing your products or services. These video ads can get smoothly posted on several social media platforms. 
  • Unique and Customized Infographics and Images: CI develops unique infographics and customized images with different sizes and resolutions for several social media.
  • Understanding of Brand Values and Market Positioning: CI team understands the brand values and its market positioning. It helps present the brand products, services, and brand name in their original form and effectively.

Social Media Promotion with Content Inception

With vast exposure in search engine marketing and social media marketing, Content Inception leverages various social media platforms to introduce a brand, bring brand awareness among a potential audience segment, and develop brand loyalty. Content development and creative designing being our forte, our social media posts help the brand get the right on-the-web visibility to drive website traffic and thus increasing the chances of more conversion. Get in touch with us to market your business through social media.

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