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Email Marketing Services

Email outreach as a marketing strategy is a powerful and vibrant tool for businesses to reach prospects or keep communication open with existing customers. Content Inception (CI) supports businesses in developing an email marketing strategy to constantly touch base the prospects, consumers, vendors, and partners about new services, offers, and updates.

Our end-to-end Email Marketing Services involve customer acquisition, engagement, brand awareness, and lead generation. CI does the research on your behalf and creates a target audience database, develops an email marketing strategy, writes email copies, customizes email template designs for A/B testing, sets up campaigns, and reports the campaign details to further refine or repurpose.

Email Marketing Services from Content Inception

With access to gated tools and years of experience, Content Inception understands the customer personas of different industries and thus helps align email marketing campaigns to the objectives. The list of our email marketing and lead generation sub-services includes the following:

Target Audience Database

CI provides target audience details from any industry, geography, and organization based on your product or service. The database we provide include verified names, emails, phone numbers, social handles, etc.

Target Audience Database

Email Template Writing

We write personalized emails based on industry research and sales queries. CI integrates necessary media files, images, Clips, GIFs, and other attachments with emails to engage your audience and drive-up conversion.

Email Template Writing

Campaign Setup and Scheduling

Based on the target audience segment and A/B testing of subject lines, if required, we can set up a tailored Email campaign for the best response. We draft and finalize the email campaign calendar, assessing time zones and the best day.

Email Campaign Setup and Scheduling

Email Marketing Strategy

Our team provides the best segmented or personalized email strategy and drip or interactive campaigns to reach your target audience. We plan the context, subject, campaign timing, and the number of outreaches to pull prospects to the sales funnel.

Email Marketing Strategy

Email Template Design

CI designs mobile and desktop responsive email templates with custom banners and forms for better audience attention and engagement. Our template designs have engaging subject lines and are reader-friendly to support the objective.

Email Template Design

Monitoring and Reporting

CI monitors the email campaign through statistics like open rate, bounces, subscribed/unsubscribed rates, conversion rates, email list growth, and traffic inflow. Our reports help align the sales and marketing objectives and plan new campaign ideas.

Monitoring and Reporting

Benefits of Email Marketing Services Inside Creative | Content Inception

Why Choose Content Inception for Email Marketing Services

Our Email marketing service is part of a planned account-based marketing strategy to generate leads absolutely. Some of the advantages we provide to our clients with our Email marketing services are:

  • Data Privacy and Protection: CI team believes data privacy and data protection are of paramount importance. And therefore, we follow ethical measures to ensure that.
  • Use of Best ESP: CI uses the best ESPs available in the market, such as Campaign Monitor, G Suite, MailChimp, and Constant Connect, to encourage traffic to your site and increase brand loyalty..
  • Real-time Monitoring and Routine Reports: We perform real-time email marketing campaign monitoring and create scheduled reports for analysis and proactive measures. 
  • Spam Filtered Emails: CI provides spam-filtered emails to increase the hit rate, drive traffic flow and grow your brand.

Choose CI Email Marketing Services to Promote and Grow Your Brand

As part of SEO services, email marketing has significant value for generating new leads and supporting the sales team. CI Email Marketing Services supports businesses across several domains in this online marketing drive to promote their brand and grow. 

CI digital marketing experts do the research, analyze, and run personalized email marketing campaigns for the best results. Apart from marketing leads, email outreach helps promote your products and services and boost web traffic. Book a free consultation with our marketing experts to discuss your LinkedIn outreach or personalized email marketing services.

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