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AEC (Architectural, Engineering, and Construction) firms and independent architects have been going through a constant struggle to win projects, and the competition is getting tougher. In this process of gaining the confidence of the prospects or stakeholders, the key challenge is to establish the brand and credibility. As the market is getting noisier, the challenge transforms into making the target audience understand the projects, their benefits, and the architectural thought process.

Content marketing for architects is a great medium to showcase the expertise substantiated by their knowledge in the field and past experience that help develop trust. Content Inception (CI) is a digital marketing company catering content development services for architectural firms to present their digital portfolio better. Be it CAD services related to BIM, MEP, Tekla structural engineering, or architectural design drawings to architectural visualization, store layout design, floor planning, or interior designing, CI helps create technical and marketing content for the AEC industry.

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Marketing Plan for Architectural Firms

Marketing for small businesses comes with a lot of opportunities as well as challenges. Although, it allows architects to highlight their work and reach a bigger audience for brand awareness which ultimately helps in lead generation. But on the other hand, how to get this done in the right way so that the cost-to-benefit ratio will be higher – is the question addressed by customized content marketing strategies.

Investing in online marketing for your architectural firm helps achieve several benefits – Greater Visibility, More Website Traffic, Stronger Client Relationships, Better Branding, and more project wins.


B2B Marketing Plan for the Target Audience – Construction Companies

B2B Marketing for Architects | CI Blog Inner Creative

In order to attract construction firms and general contractors, architectural firms need to showcase their CAD services, architectural design/drawing skills, and consultation capability, which are primarily required by their target audience. Moreover, to resonate with your brand, social posts around the service line would help you afloat on the web to be noticed for value-added architectural, civil, construction design, or any drawing/drafting/modeling projects.

It is very important to know your target audience and how to craft an overall message that will reach them. This can be divided into three high-level marketing steps:

  • Define your target audience, targeting them via different ways online – website, social platforms, direct outreaches, etc.
  • Make sure they keep seeing your marketing messages on the web to remember when they have the need

B2C Marketing Plan for the Target Audience – Real Estate Companies

B2C Marketing for Architects | CI Blog Inner Creative

In the B2C segment, the ideal target audience can be real estate companies or land developers dealing with residential/commercial/industrial property buyers. Architecture firms need to showcase their virtual staging, interior design, virtual walkthroughs, landscape design, and other architectural visualization services required by the target audience to sell more or get stakeholder approval.

As the real estate market is volatile, investors and homebuyers turn to professionals to find the property of their choice. As competition increases, it becomes more important for real estate agencies to have an online presence to maximize visibility and build trust among potential clients.

In today’s digital world, there are numerous ways to effectively market the real estate industry through showcasing past projects, staging images with or without furniture, walkthrough samples, and much more.

How to Plan Digital Marketing for Architectural Firms

How to Plan Marketing Activities for Architectural Firm | CI Blog Inner Creative

One needs to take several things into account when selling architectural services. With a strong online presence and digital media strategy, one can establish the brand, maintain communications with prospective clients, and convince them to partner.

Content Marketing for Architects or Firm

Every website needs traffic in the form of potential consumers and then converting them into clients. This is, in fact, the very first step of getting projects – the more the number of inquiries, the more would be the chances of conversion.

Content for the corporate website and its project-specific webpages include branching of service and sub-service pages on the website, as well as publishing support articles, case studies, FAQs, etc. The support articles and blogs on technology, techniques, tools, design trends, etc., make the audience aware of the problem scenarios and possible solutions to showcase you as a thought leader in the space.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing via different channels with sticky creatives and ad content establishes the brand and helps in brand recall. Based on different types of target audiences, industry segments, and service/product buying preferences, social posts need to be planned and created. Using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, architectural firms can share informative as well as engaging creatives promoting properties through paid promotion.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing for Architectural Firms | CI Blog Inner Creative

Video is a great way to express past projects, design visualizations, thoughts, practices, and ideas. With an appropriate video marketing strategy, services can be promoted on platforms like YouTube and other portals for extensive reach as well as lasting impressions.

The Video Marketing process includes – creating video social posts, architectural walkthrough videos, etc., and showcasing them on websites, portfolios, and relevant social channels.

Blog Writing and Link Building

Blog Writing for Architectural Firms | CI Blog Inner Creative

Consistent blog sharing and organic link-building exercises around the industry updates, company milestones, and new innovations in the AEC space can assist architectural firms in establishing their brands with awareness and recall.

As part of search engine optimization, strategic blogging and optimization of landing pages (websites or social pages) can achieve the required traffic flow and conversion organically.

Content Marketing for Architects by Content Inception

Content Inception is a marketing consulting company that understands the true objectives of architectural firms and independent architects to develop strategic marketing plans. Our content development services include the creation of relevant content in all forms (text, visual, videos) to assist architects in establishing their web presence, spreading brand awareness, and reaching more target audiences organically for a great many projects.

Marketing for architects can be a complex process to understand and start with. We have a team of experienced marketers and stringent processes to carry out the planning, creation, and promotion of marketing content on behalf of architectural firms. Moreover, our prior experience in handling the marketing portfolios of independent architects and large architectural engineering companies ensures definite positive outcomes. Connect with Content inception to go beyond being functional to being beautiful!

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