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The Power of Skyscraper Technique in Content Marketing Do you remember the days when the world-wide-web was uncrowded and listing an idea on the first page of search engines was not difficult? You publish a good page

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ChatGPT in the Context of Digital Marketing Digital marketing has seen a significant contribution of AI through predictive and targeted content, chatbots, and image recognition for customer satisfaction. The name ‘ChatGPT’ has been buzzing around for quite

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Account-Based Marketing Technique and Lead Generation A business requires an appropriate marketing strategy to influence the target audience. But what if the audience has specific requirements and is not easy to impress with generic sales pitches? Account-based

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Branding and How to Do It the Right Way The name has a significant impact and value in business, as it can instantly affect a customer's perception of an organization to make the buying decision. And the

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Benefits of Analytics-Based Marketing Planning for Definite Conversion Businesses make marketing plans aligned to a strategy to promote existing products/services, explore new opportunities, or have a competitive advantage against competitors. However, the strategy should not be based

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Content Marketing Strategies for B2C Marketing Targeting bigger markets, B2C marketing (business to consumer) might not seem tough, but it is much trickier than B2B marketing. The B2C marketing strategy revolves solely around the consumer base, and

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Content Marketing Strategies for B2B Marketing B2B marketing is all about how good businesses understand their fellow businesses who are their potential customers. A strong B2B marketing strategy starts with defining a target audience by creating buyer

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7 New Digital Marketing Trends To Follow And Apply The internet, with a remarkable impact, has transformed the face of the business of all sizes and of every industry. It has opened new avenues for entrepreneurs and

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Latest SEO Techniques For Higher Search Engine Ranking  Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the term evolved in 1997 along with the development of search engines and the World Wide Web. SEO can be defined as a process to