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Branding and How to Do It the Right Way

The name has a significant impact and value in business, as it can instantly affect a customer’s perception of an organization to make the buying decision. And the transition of a name to a brand happens when consumers find it relevant and able to relate to it.

When we hear the names like Windows and Apple, it instantly influences our thought toward the product rather than their generic meanings. The essence of a brand lies in how it connects to the people and influences the business’s bottom line.

A strong brand reflects the exact market positioning of an organization and makes a positive difference in sales. It attracts, retains, and drives the consumers’ purchasing decisions and even impacts the marketing value of the products.

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Branding and Its Relevance

Branding and Its Relevance | CI Blog Inside Creative

A brand is the actual identity and personality of a business, providing a visual clue about the products/services that the business offers. Strong and appropriate branding helps keep people’s attention, target new market segments, promote new products/services, and recognize the business. 

For example, ‘Amazon’ makes us think of a huge and exotic platform that offers all categories of products to fulfill our requirements. We get positively associated with the brand based on our perception and meaningful experience. Names like Nike relates us to sports accessories, Apple reminds us of premium laptops, mobile, etc., whereas Havells strikes electrical equipment. Thus, branding not only helps customers identify the products/service they offer but assures quality and develop a deep emotional connection with them.  


Businesses that Are Dependant on Branding for Lead Generation

Businesses Dependent on Branding | CI Blog Inside Creative

Whether a B2B or B2C-focused business, each one requires branding to influence consumer buying behavior. By nurturing the relevant brand association with prospects, firms can close deals, even before actual selling initiates. Branding helps them increase sales with less effort. 

Household Product Owners

Household product owners face stiff competition from e-commerce giants. The right branding strategy helps them nurture a strong brand community and increase sales. Using digital platforms for product promotion and details, considering customers’ shopping preferences, and other branding strategies help foster engagement and a sense of community around the brand. 

Products or Services in the Highly Competitive Market

Whether a B2-B or B2C product or service provider, each will have to compete with its fellows. 

An organization needs to distinguish its product and cut-through in its category to sustain and lead. Branding becomes essential to engage customers throughout their journey, from engagement to sales and beyond, considering customers as users of their product. 

Services Requiring Trust 

Sectors like education and healthcare require building trust among customers to compete in the market and grow. Branding strategies help these businesses shape how they get perceived as trusted, knowledgeable, caring, experienced, etc.

New Market Entrants

For new entrants, it is crucial to differentiate in the market their products from the existing ones to enable customers to buy their products and develop growth options. Branding actions support them in presenting a sensible overall image and reducing the market entry barriers.


How to Create a Brand Name

How to Create a Brand Name | CI Blog Inside Creative

Today, to create a brand name and achieve success, it is vital for businesses to go digital. These days people spend the maximum amount of their time online, and they love to know and experience their products/services on digital platforms. 

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a form of pull marketing, gaining momentum in this digital age. The inbound branding strategies come through various channels, like company blog writing, online videos, podcasts, guest blogging, SEO, webinars, eBooks, email marketing, etc. 

Inbound marketing aims to encourage, educate, and entertain customers. Through relevant and helpful content, inbound marketing tools add value at every stage of the buying journey. The strategy of all these marketing tools is to attract, convert, close, and delight customers.

Personalized & Social Media Engagement

One of the most effective methods to impress customers is personalized communication. And social media helps to find new and loyal customer bases and real-time communication with ease. It helps develop a strong bond with customers at ease.

Visual Contents

Images and videos are valuable assets to control how a brand gets perceived by prospects. Unlike texts, visual communication in the form of video content marketing helps them receive information engagingly and attractively. It increases the chances of lead generation.

SEO, Email, and Other Nudge Tactics

By applying behavioral economics, termed nudge, businesses can surprise and help customers think in a new way. The nudge formulas can be used in Search Engine Optimization tactics and emails, which are the opposite of people’s thinking, and develop a new, unique, and appealing brand image.


Branding Strategy for B2C Segment

The branding strategy for the B2C segment should aim at building customer relationships and improving customer acquisition and customer retention. After identifying the target market/consumers, you need to find the trigger points or the ways to influence the targeted segment. Few effective digital marketing activities that help to engage with the customers and develop an emotional connection are

Regular Social Media Activity

Social media has a huge potential to tap and drive leads and sales. Regular social media marketing activities like creating visual content, forum posts, videos, etc., on channels like FB, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn allow interaction with customers with human emotions and, thus, bring positive inclination toward the brand.

Branding Strategy on Social Media | CI Blog Inside Creative

Approximately 71 percent of people who interact with a brand on social platforms and have a good experience are most to recommend it to a friend. And 90 percent of users are going to contact retailers directly.

Paid Promotions on Digital Channels

Paid promotions on channels like FB and Instagram help to reach out to the right audience and promote the products and organization updates. It drives brand awareness, and content promotion with personalized messages generates leads and drives website traffic. Businesses can also assess their content to see if it resonates with the targeted group and enlarges the marketing campaign scale. 

Social Responsibility and Campaigns 

By involving social responsibility in their marketing activities, like beneficial products and services, the business can help a community. These campaigns focus on consumers that want to contribute to a social cause.

Research by Forrester Research found around 52 % of US consumers factor values into their product purchase/choices.


Branding Strategy for B2B Segment

Branding Strategy for B2B Segment | CI Blog Inside Creative

B2B marketing or branding strategy is different from B2C by being more logical and process-driven. It is significant to this crucial difference in developing a high-performing branding strategy. 

These are a few branding strategies that can help B2B organizations to develop a strong brand.

Social Activity on Professional Forums

Professional forums provide the B2B segment with a place for professional discussion and peer-to-peer support. They are exclusively founded for collaboration and sharing valuable ideas on technology, industry movement, innovation, etc. 

These forums act as a support community for existing B2B customers, solve complex business problems, exchange ideas, connect with new customers, improve customer service, and empower the brand.

Professional forums like Quora, Slide share, Medium, and SEOChat raise brand awareness, help earn trust by sharing knowledge and find your niche.

Problem-solving Content

Another way to achieve a business outcome for B2B organizations is problem-solving content. Whether it’s entering a new market or introducing a new service line, valuable content has the potential to overcome challenges in the route. 

For example, Zendesk, a service-focused software firm offerings tools like an online help desk, FAQ knowledge bases, forums, and live chat to other organizations, created a wide array of educational content to appeal to its audience. It included blog articles, case studies, guides, articles, webinars, and more events. 

Modern buyers want to be empowered, educated, and informed to make their purchase decision, and problem-solving content supports them.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a lucrative branding strategy for businesses, and its market is about to cross $22 billion by 2022. It helps B2B businesses build brand credibility, create new leads, and scale their growth with influencers.

It is essential to approach like-minded influencers who can resonate as B2B influencers for promoting and showcasing your content and brand. Create a B2B influencer dossier, build a relationship with the influencer, and educate them on the product. 

TopRank Marketing, a B2B marketing firm, partnered with influential experts from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Copyblogger to create high-value books on content marketing. These experts helped the firm with their advice to create four E-books and received 200,000+ views, 4000+ downloads, and more than 1000 leads. 


How Can Content Inception Help in Branding and Lead Generation

How Content Inception Can Help in Branding | CI Blog Inside Creative

Content Inception (CI) is a digital marketing firm experienced in different categories of industries, whether B2C or B2B. With its extensive understanding of the target audiences across industries, CI can plan the appropriate medium by studying consumers buying patterns and behaviors.

Content creation being our core service area, CI can create all forms of content, i.e., visuals, videos, and texts. These are customized, technically relevant, informational, and purposeful for the selected audience. Our content strategies enable your target audience to perceive your business brand, values, and vision in the right way and empower them to make informed decisions.

The content experts of CI hold technical and subject matter expertise to help your business and scale its growth.

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