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Different Types of Blogs and the Aligned Digital Marketing Benefits

In business, awareness about the products, services, or the brands is critical to make prospects understand and persuade them to buy. As one of the primary digital marketing strategy, publishing blogs bridges the gap between a brand and its target customers, elaborates the products and services, and brings brand awareness and recall.

Businesses from different industry verticals, B2B or B2C segments, and small-size or large corporates need to create a specific blogging strategy to attract more and more eyeballs and increase the chances of sale. A high-quality blog with relevant and informative content brings long-term benefits by building brand awareness and customer trust. Publishing blogs regularly (Weekly / Bi-weekly / Monthly) keeps the audiences engaged and updated about the brand’s product to eventually push them toward the right buying decision.

Regular blog writing and publishing support businesses by gaining organic traffic, search engine ranking, brand awareness, and thus, establishing the brand as a thought leader in the particular industry.

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Why Blogs

Why Blogs | CI Blog Inner Creative

Unlike service pages or articles, blogs are usually non-promotional and aimed at creating awareness and helping the target audience make buying decisions. Blog publishing has evolved over the years and businesses are using them to achieve different types of goals – branding, traffic generation, promotion of a specific campaign, and many more.

GrowthBadger research reveals that in 2022, there were more than 600 million blogs on the internet out of 1.9 billion websites, and the number is continuously increasing. The benefits of blogging are compelling businesses of all sectors, e-commerce, AEC, logistics, IT, etc., to develop on a different topic with attractive design and layout. 

Let us find the factors driving several businesses to include blogging in their marketing strategy.

Increase in Organic Traffic

For businesses creating and posting one blog post means creating one more indexed page on their website. When a blog gets indexed by Google, the probability of the web page getting available in search result pages increases. A study suggests that – companies that blogs can bring 55 % more traffic to their website when found organically through Google.  

Improved Search Ranking

It is a proven fact that blog writing is key to improving organic ranking. Blogs that are informative, relevant for the audience, and SEO optimized get ranked higher in Google or search engine results. Creating content for navigational, informational, and transactional search queries increases the click-through rate of pages. And on-page SEO tactics help position the website as a relevant answer to a customer’s question and allow for improving ranking in SERPs.

Lead Generation

An article published by Marketo states that companies that run their blog generate 67% more leads than those who do not blog. Blogs gain potency as they grow and have a longer lifespan than ads. Corporates that blog consistently for 6 to 12 months see a positive ROI. 

Brand Awareness and Brand Recall

Blogs and updates on social media platform help build a high level of brand awareness and get more audiences, links, and leads. Using blogs as the voice of your brand that is true to the brand and audience you serve goes a long way in terms of awareness in the market and recall. 

Establishes Brand at a Thought Leadership Position

A blog plays a pivotal role in establishing a business in a thought leadership position by showcasing the business’s in-depth knowledge of the industry. Presenting fresh ideas and concepts and answering customers’ commonly asked questions through blogs appeal to readers and search engines. 


Benefits of Different Forms of Blogs

Different Types of Blogs | CI Blog Inner Creative

Today, businesses from different industry verticals use blogs as their prime marketing tactics. Therefore, it becomes crucial to align blogging content with business marketing tactics to yield several benefits like organic traffic, brand recognition, search engine ranking, new leads, and many more. Let us discuss how different forms of blogs contribute towards business growth and gain competitive advantage. 


Skyscraper Blogs

Skyscraper blogs focus on providing in-depth knowledge to the audience on a particular subject or topic. These long form of blog pieces strategize to form engaging content based on three basic principles.

  • Identifying content with a high number of backlinks.
  • Create specific, relevant, realistic, and in-depth content on the same subject.
  • Promote the created content effectively to reach the maximum audience.

Skyscraper blogs are a link-building technique that aims to earn editorial links through better content. Optimizing these blogs for end users of search engines helps increase organic search traffic. Backlinko boosted its organic traffic by 652% in just seven days using the skyscraper technique. Also, by earning a high number of backlinks using authoritative content, businesses can increase awareness and authority. 


Regular Blogs

Publishing Regular Blogs | CI Blog Inner Creative

Blogs created for separate industry verticals have different goals, audiences, and niches. For example, B2B and B2C companies have different goals, strategies, and potential customers. Blogging frequency depends on factors like content marketing goals, resource availability, and the amount of content required to reach your goals. 

Each blog added to the website helps create an index page. Regularly creating content informs search engines that your website is updated and should get checked often for new content. Regular blogging increases the number of page views, boosts the SEO ranking, and increases the amount of organic traffic. Posting keyword-optimized, high-quality content for a business-specific niche significantly impacts brand awareness. 


Guest Blogs

Guest blogs or Guest posts get published on credible third-party sites related to the industry. It helps attract them to online journals and promote the brand to a broader audience. 

Guest posts provide significant chances to acquire backlinks from different websites. Google considers links as primary criteria to rank a site and evaluates a site’s relevant users based on how many times others cite your brand. Linking your brand to guest blogs increases the reach of your website, and the ranking in search engine pages gradually increases.

Guest blogging is a win-win situation for both websites, i.e., the guest blogging company and the third party. It also impacts other marketing strategies like SEO and influencer marketing. 

For B2B businesses, guest posting is one of the most powerful marketing tactics. Authorized and relevant guest blogging influences the kind of targeted publishers. Apart from visitors, guest blogging increases the network for collaboration and partnership. 


Promotional Blogs

Promotional Blogs | CI Blog Inner Creative

Promotional blogs describe the product or services offered by a business. When businesses create new products and update any service, no matter how great or effective, promotion helps make customers aware and increase sales. Promotional blogs advocate the new product or service on online social channels online and even on offline media.

These blogs help customers understand a product or service and attract them with novel information. When customers know what they want, it supports them in making a purchase decision. Customer who are clear about what they want- often uses long-tail keywords. Including long-tail keywords in promotional blogs maximizes SEO opportunities.


A Strategic Blogging Service by Content Inception

Strategic Blogging Service by Content Inception | CI Blog Inner Creative

Strategic blog writing is imperative for an effective Content marketing plan. Content Inception (CI) is working with small to large-scale businesses and B2B and B2C industries from different verticals and supporting them in their planning and executing their digital marketing strategies. CI’s strategic content development service is analytics-based and optimized according to the targeted audience and organization’s marketing goals. The content experts of CI hold technical and subject matter expertise to help your business and scale its growth.

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