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Video Marketing Strategies for Greater Page Retention | CI Blog Banner
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Video Marketing Strategies for Brand Awareness and Page Retention

Videos are undoubtedly more engaging than the most informative page with static visuals. Video content is an easier medium for helping potential buyers learn about a product, its features, usage, compatibility, and competitive advantages for a quick, informed buying decision.

Nowadays, people are more exposed to video content than ever. Most time, when they search for content, they would rather go for a video explaining a concept or showing a product in use than scrutinizing the best text-based description.

As per video consumption statistics, people watch 16 hours (average) of online videos per week. This is a 52% increase in the last two years. Moreover, Content Inception suggests trying video content marketing because – a study suggests that viewers retain 95% of a message in a video form compared to just 10% when reading it in text form.

Content Marketing Strategies Through Video Content

The purpose of video marketing is to create engaging content customized for your audience to have a lasting impression on their minds. There are a number of ways you can present your products, services, or brand messages in videos throughout the buyer’s journey that can help educate them and move them to a purchase decision faster.

Explainer Videos

Explainer Video | CI Blog Inner Creative

These videos are used to demonstrate or explain something complex to the viewers and are helpful to make the audience better understand why they need your product or service – typically in B2B offerings.

  • Most preferred as easier to comprehend – People prefer watching explanatory videos even to solve the basic problem they face in their daily life as well.
  • Explainer videos save time – The short and crisp videos are really helpful in saving plenty of time, as compared to reading the textual solution online.

  • Easy to share and post – They are also a great resource to use across various social media channels and platforms.

Demo Video

Demo Video | CI Blog Inner Creative

These videos are mostly used where the purchase decision is more complex, the timeframes are longer, and the product price is high.

  • Justifying the product – They provide a live demonstration of the product usage, simulating the customer’s problems and the solution for them.
  • Explanation of product attributes – Such videos are meant to explain the features and benefits of a product in a way that doesn’t explicitly feel like selling.
  • Use analytics to improve product demonstrations – The analytics part indicates how long people, on average, will watch the product demo video.

Social Media Videos

Social Media Video | CI Blog Inner Creative

Social network likes – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, are fueled and flourished by the videos, where the big brands and companies reach a bigger segment of their target audience. The idea is not just to present the products or services but spread brand awareness that would ultimately increase brand recall. Moreover, videos even help attract eyeballs to the company websites out of curiosity.

  • Brand awareness – Such videos are really helpful in attracting eyeballs and spreading a great deal of awareness about the brand, its market positioning, and problem-solving features.
  • Lead generation – These videos are more likely to make the customer purchase when their content is strategically planned, produced, and distributed for a particular audience.
  • Online engagement – As short videos are fun to watch and easy to digest, the viewers who find them interesting or valuable will be more likely to share them with others too.

Periodic Brand Videos

Periodic Brand Video | CI Blog Inner Creative

These are the videos or short clips of a brand/company which are meant to retain and update its present customer base. They are created, planned, and executed in such a way so that a user/viewer can easily interact, connect, relate and educate themselves at the same time.

  • Embrace the power of storytelling – Using a few principles in your videos, the video in a story-telling mode hits the emotional side of an individual/customer that appeal to a viewer’s sense of sight and hearing.
  • Brand recall – Such videos are used to impart information from time to time by pushing humorous and attractive content.
  • Regular updates – These help in making their customer base well updated with their upcoming services/verticals, market entries, or projects.

Process Videos

Process Video | CI Blog Inner Creative

They are the how-to videos that define the procedure steps like- how to run a product or service, how to operate machinery, how to run a batch function, steps to solve a particular configuration problem, etc.

These video materials help one to understand the stuff in a much better way and allow one to accomplish it as per the instructions and steps highlighted in the video.

  • Technicalities on the bay – With a set of well-defined instructions, one can easily operate or deal with anything technical or hard to understand.
  • Saves time and effort – Instead of reading long user manuals and tangible stuff, one can learn to use a product through a video itself.
  • Works for amateurs/newbies – With such videos, even a newbie can understand each part of the product in all aspects, which is a big win for every company to gain user engagement.

Align Your Videos to Your Marketing Objectives with Content Inception

Contact Content Inception for Video Marketing | CI Blog Inner Creative

At Content Inception, we have been providing content marketing services in different forms – blog writing, social media promotions, video content development, etc. With a clear understanding of the lead generation funnels, our multimedia developers develop video posts that can exactly represent your brand values for a lasting impression. We have video marketing packages for all sizes of companies and develop video content to effectively present your sales pitch, product, or service.

We capture the emotions and value behind your brand and transfer them to the screen. By representing such characteristics visually, we make customers stick with you. Connect with us to see get your company into action with our video marketing services.Content Inception DisclaimerContact us Banner - Content Inception